In addition to our activity as auditor for DQS Belgium, we are of course specialists in various forms of audits.

  • Internal audits according to the obligations of the management systems
  • Supplier audits, control of your suppliers
  • Mystery audits, e.g. at branches, franchisees
  • General audit of your company with a focus on the practical organization

What does auditing mean?

Audits come in all shapes and sizes. The most well-known are financial audits and certification audits carried out by auditors of the certification body's.

But why not have an audit carried out at your supplier to make sure you have chosen a partner you can rely on. These are the supplier audits.

And what about the mandatory internal audits that every management system requires. You can carry them out yourself, have a number of employees trained or you can choose to let us carry them out. After all, an external view is more critical and never creates conflicts of interest in the organization. After all, it is not easy for an employee to judge the work of his boss or colleague.

The goal of an audit is always to identify weaknesses in the processes and to propose solutions to make the organization more efficient.

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